Looking to make a PDF editable?

Use We Brand’s PDF editor. Save back as a PDF or as a Template.

Online PDF Editor

The simplest way to edit a PDF

Want to open a PDF and change it quickly, simply and accurately without having to remake it? We Brand’s PDF editor gives you the ease of being able to edit PDF files and documents no matter where and when they were created. We support over 10,000 different PDF types with more sources being constantly added.

Adobe Photoshop InDesign illustrator import

Convert Adobe files to template

If your team has ready-to-go InDesign, Photoshop, or illustrator files you want to use, you can simply export them as PDF and import them with our PDF magic tool. There is absolutely no need to recreate artwork designed by your creative team using the Adobe suite.

Convert Microsoft files to PDF

Convert Microsoft files to template

Do you use PowerPoint and Word for some of your corporate documents? You can now convert them into We Brand templates, and allow anyone in your organisation to use the same document and presentation style.

Convert Adobe Files to PDF

How does it work

  1. Convert any Microsoft or Adobe file into a PDF.

  2. Choose a campaign and import PDF into We Brand in one click.

  3. Apply restrictions and edit your template if required.

Done! You can now share your template with staff members, reps, stores, clients, and more.

Adobe Acrobat Online

We Brand vs Adobe Acrobat

We Brand is the only easy, high-performance alternative solution to Adobe Acrobat. It enables anyone to edit PDF documents with Adobe Acrobat's essential features at a fraction of the price. And you can save the produced files as We Brand templates, JPEGs, PNGs or even back as a PDF!

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